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Broad bean seeds

Broad bean seeds x1 packet (25 seeds) – ‘Aquadulce Claudia’ A gardeners’ favourite for autumn sowing & overwintering outside, for an early spring harvest. Slender pods of 23cm (9″) long are full of succulent flavoursome beans


Carrot seeds

Carrot seeds x1 packet (~1200 seeds, heat sealed packet) – ‘Amsterdam forcing’ A quick maturing variety, for both winter & summer. High quality, small cylindrical roots deep orange-red with a sweet flavour and virtually no core


Sweet pea seeds

Sweet pea seeds x1 packet – ‘Fragrantissima’ Full colour spectrum variety including bicolour. This large flowered mix has been carefully blended to ensure an even balance of colour and heady fragrance.


Pea seeds

Pea seeds x1 packet (50 seeds) – ‘Douce Provence’ Perfect for all year round sowings. Produces a bountiful crop of sweet succulent peas. Easy to grow. Sow October-December & February-July. Harvest May-October