Can we help you?

Are you a charitable organisation, public body, private sector provider, or individual who would like help to create a garden that nutures, inspires and motivates?  If so, and if you think you might fit with our charitable purposes, please do get in touch via the contact form.

We are able to provide personal advice, from the very start of an idea, right through from funding, design, horticultural advice, and implementation of a garden.  We are particularly specialist in designing and creating therapeutic, sensory and healthy gardens, personalised to each clients wants and needs.  But if your garden plans dont fit with that concept, dont worry, as we design to the needs and wants of our clients first and foremost.

We are also able to facilitate post garden research on the social and health impacts of a new garden.  This is particularly important for public bodies and organisations who rely on data and evidence to back up their activities.