Our Mission:

We believe in the power of the natural environment to promote, transform and enrich people and society.

Our Aims:

  • To enhance the immediate environment for people
  • To increase the social inclusion and integration
  • To enhance health and wellbeing of people through the use of nature and design
  • To promote and increase participation in the care and appreciation of the natural environment
  • To encourage personal growth and development
  • To contribute to research and best practice in design, horticulture and horticultural therapy
  • To champion best practice in ethical and sustainable business and charity approaches


Our objectives:

  • Design and create gardens and green spaces in areas and locations identified as ‘in need’
  • Work with local councils and voluntary organisations to identify areas of need and to aid in delivery of services
  • Give priority to work and projects in IMD (Indices of Multiple Deprivation) areas
  • Operate sustainably and ethically in all areas of the business
  • Work with all stakeholders to nurture and develop horticultural skills and knowledge to maintain gardens and green spaces
  • Work with our stakeholders to maximise health and wellbeing gain and value
  • Work with universities, colleges and partner organisations to undertake and deliver research outcomes