Our Governance

As a charitable organisation, we are dedicated to good governance.  Although founded by Hannah Hobbs, our trustee board takes overall responsibility for Project Nurture’s  work. The trustees’ roles include managing the long term direction of Project Nurture, including its objectives and purposes, and implementing policies and activities to achieve our objectives.

Our trustees are:

Hannah Hobbs


I am a passionate horticulturalist and designer, combining my design flair with solid knowledge, practical experience and understanding of plants and horticulture.  Challenging the status quo, doing my very best in whatever I do and caring passionately is what I’m about, and this attitude informs my work, my play and my dreams.

My own gardening journey began with Nanna, from as young as I can remember and before then I’m told!  Many an hour was spent learning the fine art of patiently watering the bedding plants on the eve of hot summer days, how to pot up seedlings and baby plants, deadhead marigolds and the now blighted Busy Lizzie.  Grandad was in charge of the vegetables and fruit, and I remember eagerly anticipating the emergence of the asparagus, and the ripening of the raspberries in the raspberry cage.  Once picked, it was back to the kitchen with our goodies to prepare a quick treat for us both, either raspberries and ice cream, or steamed asparagus shoots with lashings of proper butter!

After trying a few other careers, in an attempt to rid myself of the bug (!), I got a job at a local garden centre.  Quickly realising my true purpose and passion in life and career, I began to study horticulture, up to university level.  I have gained thorough and solid scientific and horticultural knowledge, but I haven’t stopped there.  I have worked at garden centres, as a private gardener, as a manager of the herbaceous section of a rare plant nursery, a consultant with local authorities, and as a designer.   I am CAD trained and therefore able to design and work accurately with 3D modelling to give clients a realistic vision of their new garden or landscape.  Personal and professional experiences have made me acutely aware of the impact that a nurturing, well designed and maintained physical environment can have on a person’s wellbeing, and it is my passion to deliver this to people.

Dr Steven Trenoweth


Mark Gregory


Pauline Hobbs